The Kick Ass Brew Club – July Edition 🍻

We have put together a totally awesome, if we don’t say so ourselves , selection of beers for this months Beer Club

*FREE Delivery in Cape Town!

R200 a month – on a month to month basis

Deliveries start from 23 July – 6 August 2017

Introducing the Beers:

Boston Breweries Wild Honey Blonde – Crystal Weiss
Reminding us that summer is just around the corner!
A crisp, malt-forward beer that’s ideal as a summer quaffer. The dry finish is well balanced with a hint of sweetness that comes through seconds after you swallow.

Innis & Gunn South Africa Rum Finish
Ruby red
Lots of fruit and mulled spice
Surprisingly light. Soft fruits and rich malt with aromatic spiciness from the rum.
Warming and mellow

Aegir Project • Independent Brewery Midnight Porter
Midnight Porter is a full bodied creamy dark beer.
Toasted bread and spices
Plum with roasted coffee and hints of chocolate.
31/100 IBU’s

Nordic Craft Mikkeller American Dream
Mikkeller’s American Dream is a lager which is packed with American hops.
With piney, citrusy hops on the nose and a light malt body, this is a crisp and very drinkable beer with a good hoppy character to it.

Atlantic Storm Craft Beers
The English Rose – Rosewater infused IPA
Extraordinary & unique, with no beer quite like it.
The English Rose delivers the rounded bitterness & full body of an IPA, together with the enticing sweet aroma of Turkish Delight.
Refreshing, rewarding & a crowd favourite… definitely not just one for the ladies.

Old Potter’s Country Inn & Brewpub Plaas Japie Saison
(IBU’s 19.8, EBC 11.9, abv 5%)
In the French speaking farmlands of Belgium, farmers used to brew special ale for their workers towards the end of winter. Once the harvest was completed at the end of summer, this special seasonal (“Saison”) beer was served at the end of a hard days’ labour.
A Saison’s yeast is extremely vigorous creating a very dry, thirst quenching beer. In addition, subtle spice and orange peel lingers on the palate. This beer is purposefully not filtered to give it its authentic peasant beer style.

To sign up to our monthly beer club simply click on the link below and fill out the online form:



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